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    Our mission is to assist the individual with all their medical claims, to sort and order them, to file and make sure they are all up to date. We call the medical aids and all practices on the member’s behalf; we follow up on all medical claims made against our clients. Our aim is create a stress free environment for the members of the medical aids thus expelling all irate calls made to medical aid call centres and to practices.

    PMCA is therefore a front runner in this industry and as such is the best in the market. PMCA has the opportunity to utilise all its expertise to the best of its ability as it is led by its dedicated employees.

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    Our mission is to establish order to our client’s medical bills, making sure that all bills are managed and paid out correctly also to inform clients if payments are outstanding. We remove the unnecessary weight off our clients shoulders by providing maximum efficiency combined with unparalleled customer service.

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  • We are a company that takes all the hassle out of your medical aid claims process. It is like having your own personal assistant to handle all your medical aid claims.