• When it comes to medical aid claims, we are the one you need!

    We take the hassle out of medical aid claims. 

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  • We understand your frustration

    Codes, claims and call centres are not in your field of expertise, leave them to your Medical PA. We understand how to obtain the maximum benefit from your medical aid, gap cover and medical practices. Saving you time, money and loads of frustration.

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  • Claim investigation.

  • Claim submission to gap cover and medical aid.

  • Claim tracking.

  • Real time feedback.

  • Prevention of fraudulent claims.

  • Chronic benefit control.

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    We have suitable packages for you and your family. So you can focus on living. 

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    We offer a one of a kind service that looks out for the individual that has medical aid membership.

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  • Family Assist

    Assistance for a family for R100 a month. 

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  • Assist Once Off

    Once off assistance for R499

  • Why Choose Us

  • We therefore seek to provide an unparalleled service to our clients in the medical claims sector, there is a great need for members of medical aids that are overwhelmed with the high volumes of claims that they are dealing with. Our dear clients, we have noticed, are either too old or too busy to keep up with their continuous medical claims streaming in. That's where we step in. 

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    Hassle Free

    We handle all the paperwork and phone calls on your behalf. Since we have experience, we know exactly what to ask for. 

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    You can contact us over the phone, via email or even on Whatsapp. We are accessible. 

  • Cost Saving


    For the value of never having to worry about your medical claims. We come at a reasonable price. There is no price too high for peace of mind. 

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  • We are a company that takes all the hassle out of your medical aid claims process. It is like having your own personal assistant to handle all your medical aid claims.